This show, “In Gratitude,” is to share the gratitude I feel towards all those who helped me in my struggle to overcome the cancer within me: to those who threw me the most amazing benefit imaginable, filling the space to overflowing with deep love and generosity; to those who did my farm work, donating their time and effort; to the La Have Craft Co-op members who took my shifts; to the many others who reached out with love and support; to those who reached out to me on my 70th birthday with heart warming and soul-stirring messages and stories of times we shared; to the remarkable alternative healers who shared their gifts; to the medical system that freely provided many services and treatments which helped so much.

This show features this past year’s painting journey, from playing around with my muse to powerfully reconnecting with the ocean/sky/beach I have deeply loved over the last half-century, and everything in between.

It has been a year of many challenges: almost losing the fight for my life in November; reactions to treatments; chemo, our first session to treatments accompanied by worst rain storm we’ve ever seen and trip home through a huge snowstorm - a 4 hour trip; good days and bad days. . . But the unlimited art supplies afforded me whispered continuously, making sure that I painted as much as possible. Being able to paint whenever possible for a whole year has been an incredible healing experience in itself. Add to it the love, kindness and generosity that surrounded me throughout, and the healing deepens significantly.

I don’t know how the future will unfold but we continue to work on a miracle here, and your love and generosity has boosted the quality of this journey. Thank you and enjoy the show you helped create.

Much love, in gratitude, Gregg, Nancy and Tim.